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Timber Racing Car

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Toy cars are a staple of every childhood. Every surface is a race track!
Let your little ones imagination run free with our natural timber Racing Car, based on the beautifully shaped race cars of 1930s Indi 500.

Thoughtfully designed with a smooth and ergonomic shape, this push along car will feel perfectly comfortable in your child's hand.

This solid and durable car will accompany your child on many open-ended adventures, racing, vrooming and delivering passengers inside and outside.

SIZE: 190mm long x 50mm wide

MATERIALS: PEFC certified Tasmanian oak axles and wheels. Mixed Australian Eucalypt branch timber. May include Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Ironbark, Yellowbox, Grey Gum, other.

FINISH: Raw tung oil, beeswax
(Plant based finish available on request)

Hand crafted timber racing car.