Learn How to Make Easter Playdough

Learn How to Make Easter Playdough

Learn How to Make Easter Playdough


Easter is only a week away!



Easter is one of the most widely celebrated holiday seasons across the world. A special time of year when there is so much to be grateful for. With this wet weather set to continue we thought a great playdough recipe might create some fun indoors! Its’ easy to make, lasts for months if stored in a sealed container, its inexpensive and has a soft pliable texture.

Easter Playdough Fun


2.5 cups of Water

1.25 cups of Salt

1.5 tbsp. of Cream of Tartar

5 tbsp. of Vegetable Oil

2.5 cups of Plain Flour

Natural Food Colouring or dried lavender and lavender essential oil, turmeric, cinnamon, dried camomile flowers, beetroot juice, herbs and spices. Be creative!


  1. Mix everything except the food colouring together in a large pot. It will be lumpy at this stage but that’s ok.

  2. Cook the dough over a low heat. Mix constantly. Keep mixing until the edges of the dough appear dry and it forms a ball naturally.

  3. Place the dough on a floured chopping board and knead the warm dough until its smooth and then divide into the number of colours you would like to make.

  4. Flatten each ball of dough, add the colouring and knead until all combined.

  5. Play with the dough immediately or store in sealed containers.

  6. Enjoy!

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Wishing you a safe and happy Easter.

Love Sharon x


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