Easter Holiday Nature Craft Activities for The Kids

Easter Holiday Nature Craft Activities for The Kids

Sitting contemplating Easter has me remembering my early childhood years fondly. 

A time where things were done simply and mum would help us put a pin whole in the ends of raw eggs and blow out the insides to make a hollow egg. 

We would then spend hours painting and decorating our eggs and put them into some of mums woven baskets with cotton wool around them ready to gift. Gosh that simple little activity brings back so many wonderful childhood memories and has me thinking of some traditions I would like to start with my little one.

If I'm honest I struggle to come up with ideas for making special craft for celebrations throughout the year. It doesn't come naturally to me even as a creative person (cue mum guilt). If you feel a bit like me and would still like to be able to allow your little ones to do some creative activities then perhaps you'll enjoy this amazing books series.

A series of books called Your Wild Books that focus on nature based crafting activities for children and I am one of their biggest fans. 

As a mum it takes away that dreaded pressure of trying to come up with the ideas yet allows the activities to still happen. It also allows the kids to take the lead and follow the activities in the book (with some help for the little ones).

So follow us over on instagram as my little one and I head off on our easter crafting activities over the next few weeks and see if we can't all be inspired together to connect with our children on a really simplistic and nature focused journey of celebrating Easter.

Ps - If you would like to grab yourself a copy of the Your Wild Celebrations you can head over to the books section on our website and grab yourself a copy.

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